Me with Bird

The artist, age 8 (before the invention of combs).


One of my earliest memories is making bird nests out of mud and grass clippings.  They weren't nearly as nice as the birds', which kind of bothered me, but the process of making them was so enjoyable, that I've been a "maker" ever since.  I started these endeavors in suburban Chicago (which has excellent mud!), went off to college where I took a degree in psychology and art, and moved to Idaho.  

While in Idaho, I took up photography which taught me a lot about composition and light and shadow, and came in handy when those babies arrived and needed their pictures taken.  As my daughters grew older they fled when they saw me coming at them with camera in hand, so I turned to painting which proved to be more tolerant of my whims.  

I delight in animals and never tire of watching them and painting them.  When not painting, I work in medical editing, which is a very tedious, demanding job, and painting is my countermeasure.